Introducing Angry Birds Potato Chips!

11:08 27 October in News

Introducing Angry Birds Potato Chips!

Angry Birds started as a game for mobile phones and became quickly a social phenomena. Globally over two billion people download Angry Birds’ games and another 2 billions watch their videos. This makes Angry Birds to a powerful entertainment brand. In the UK alone Angry Birds have 7.0 million monthly users. This impressive fan base is balanced between genders and age groups and represents an attractive pool of purchase potential.

The Angry Birds brand keeps increasing its popularity by making frequent updates of their games and adding an attractive range of merchandising articles to their franchise. This strengthens the identification of their fans and makes the Angry birds brand the perfect platform for launching products which fit the fun and playful image of Angry Birds.

The successful launches of Angry Birds Drinks- and Food products are an impressive proof of Angry Birds’ ability to generate immediate interest in selected top quality licensed products. Seeing the Angry Birds products in the stores generated immediate interest and impulse purchases.

Our Angry Birds potato chips are a premium snack. It comes in attractive cans with 160g and in
three delicious flavours:



The product is made out of German potato flakes by our contract manufacturer in Malaysia. Our Angry Birds potato chips are a winning proposition for snacks consumers. We have a great tasting chip with a nice crunchy texture and it fits ideally to the Angry Birds image of a fun product and an active life style. As such our chips will benefit from the basic awareness and the positive image of the Angry Birds brand.

In addition, our Angry Birds chips will be supported by the tailored banner advertising in the Angry Birds games and the Angry Birds video clips. This will be topped by offering consumers exciting tie-ins with the Angry Birds games and video clips.

This strong support package made the Angry Birds drinks launches in Finland and Thailand an instant success. We have what it takes to repeat this with our Angry Birds potato chips. Please try the samples and see for yourself.

Interested in the new Angry Birds potato chips? We will take the liberty to contact you and propose a meeting to share with you the full presentation, the launch details and more product information.


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