Angry Birds Potato Chips

Catapulting your crisp sales to new heights !

Angry Birds started as a game for mobile phones and became quickly a social phenomenon. We licensed the Angry Birds brand as a platform for launching our Angry Birds stacked Potato Chips brand. It comes in attractive cans with four delicious flavors.

Seeing our Angry Birds in the stores generates immediate interest and impulse purchases.

The great taste and the nice crunchy texture make Angry Birds fun to eat and an ideal fit to the Angry Birds image of a fun product and an active life style.

Expand International is a global Marketing- and Distribution company dedicated to develop high quality food products and to market them successfully with our partners in the trade.

The Market & Opportunities

Angry Birds is the No.1 downloaded game in the world !
Massive global reach: 2.4bn Downloads, 1.6bn video views , 26m Followers in Facebook.

The Product

Catapulting your crisp sales to new heights !

– Great tasting Angry Birds crisps in a 160g tube
– Sea Salt , Tangy Cheese and Sour Cream & Onion flavours
– 12 Canisters in an attractive Display Carton

2015 Brand Support

– PR and Press coverage
– In store promotions & displays
– Link with Angry Birds games
– Competitions on-line
– Social media campaign

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