Pop’Ums – Natural Popped Potato Snack Brand Information Sheet

04:30 25 August in News



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The Market and Opportunities

- The UK Crisps and Snacks market is valued at £1.8bn with “Sharing Crisps & Snacks” sector worth £517m +4%
- “Healthy” Crisps & Snacks have fuelled market growth i.e. less fat , less salt
- UK Obesity levels have doubled in the last 15 years with 25% of adult population and 10% of kids aged 4 –5 yrs old clinically classified as obese
- As UK leisure time becomes less active , snacking needs to become healthier for you i.e. less fat, less salt


Natural, Great Tasting and better for You !

- Popped potato snacks. Not fried. Not baked
- 50% less fat than traditional crisps
- Tasty, light & airy snacks

Target consumer

- Chips lover that want to try a new alternative
- Chips eaters – More concern about their nutritional intake
- Female 16 – 45 Years old
- Family shopper buying chips for the family